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Celebrate our past, ensure our future

Dundee United Supporters Foundation logo

What does the Foundation hope to achieve?

a)  To contribute to the success, financial security and stability of DUFC, to provide a regular financial contribution to assist the Club and to support activities which will ensure future success and stability.

b)  To strengthen the relationship between the Club and its supporters.

c) To be the vehicle through which the supporters can be actively involved in managing any projects which DUSF funds, and through which they have a representative and democratic voice to manage these projects.

d) To work with the club to jointly promote the Foundation, by actively encouraging fans to join the Foundation. This would increase Foundation revenues, which would increase the funds available to improving the club.


The current priority is to gain the trust and respect of Dundee United fans to encourage them to make a regular contribution to the Foundation.

The Foundation is not a protest group about regime change, we are looking to provide an extra, reliable and sustainable income stream into the club. Ultimately we want to see fans having much more meaningful input in the running of the club through Foundation representation.


The ultimate aim of the Foundation is to deliver active fan involvement in a professional and measured way. A successful and well supported Foundation will provide an enduring long-term financial input into our football club.


Celebrate our past, ensure our future.

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