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DUSF hit £100,000 fundraising target

By May 4, 2021News

We are delighted to announce that due to the support and fantastic backing from our 1,800 plus members, £17,500 will be transferred to Dundee United FC today meaning the target total of £100,000 that we set in January has been met. This has allowed DUSF to contribute much needed additional funds to assist the Club in their recovery from the financial impact caused by the pandemic.

In a recent period where the very soul of football has been under threat from corporate owners in England, Spain and Italy, this financial support that members have given to their Club in a time of crisis for themselves is truly remarkable and quite humbling.  It clearly demonstrates the passion and loyalty we all have for our beloved football club.

Our thanks to each and every one of our members, and we hope the Foundation can continue to grow in numbers and influence as we look towards ensuring a bright future for Dundee United FC.

This is the second tranche of £100,000 that DUSF has provided to the Club in recent months. Given the extraordinary season this has been, members voted overwhelmingly in January that money would be given to the Club to assist directly in COVID-19 recovery.

The first £100,000 transferred in June 2020 assisted the Club’s short-term cashflow, and will be re-assigned to a capital project when normality resumes. The next phase of our partnership will be to work with the Club and our members to identify enduring, sustainable projects that we would put to a future member vote for DUSF financial support. For example, a bricks and mortar facility that would enhance our capability to attract and retain high-quality youth academy prospects.

In addition to these funds transferred over the last 10 months, the Foundation has also raised money to support improved facilities for supporters with disabilities, local charities, and other fan-led projects. In total over £233,000 has been raised since DUSF was launched in June 2017.

We have seen recently with the European Super League proposals what can happen when that trust between fans and the boardroom breaks down. We are convinced that a growing Foundation can not only help the Club financially, but can also have a key role in developing a mutually beneficial Supporter/Board relationship.